downtown San Francisco by Blake Rogers

This is my second article on new hybrid collaborative models for customer engagement. I wrote about a hybrid human-AI model a few years ago in my article, Collaborating with the new machines.

Benefits of hybrid DIY model

  1. With a hybrid-model, customers can participate in both service and production businesses, and build more of their…
photo: sutro tower / wikipedia

The ghost of Laguna Honda

I’ve read a few guides to crossing San Francisco off-road through parks, trails and stairs, and they all have way too much street involved. I decided to make my own route, and have the first sections worked out.

This trip is across town from Glen…

Getting down with OPP: other people’s programming

This meta-tutorial is about deciding on core functionality, finding code examples to start with, doing as little coding as possible and keeping the solution simple, and quickly producing a version 1.

When I started coding the speedometer app with beeps for speed increases or decreases suggested by my old sailing…

This list of articles includes a NIH recommendation for big data and application of Critical Race Theory.


IBM, Microsoft, and Amazon’s face recognition bans don’t go far enough
Kate Kaye

Big tech companies back away from selling facial recognition to police. That’s progress.
Rebecca Heilweil
Jun 11, 2020

Ministry of silly walks Image from Monty Python Wikipedia page

I just began learning Python again. Learning a computer language is always a great way to sharpen your mind. Python is important to data engineering and machine learning, among other disciplines.

I recently did a Google Cloud Big Data and Machine Learning specialization and passed the Google Cloud Platform Data…

Ten Tips to Tackle the GCP ACE Certification exam plus My Personal Study Guide


This article is about learning Google Cloud Platform (GCP) and studying for Associate Cloud Engineer (ACE) certification.

If you’re a software developer, sysadmin, or other kind of software engineer interested in working in Google Cloud with platform tools then this article is for you.

Read this guide because it…

Learning Apache Spark Streaming in Java with Apache Bahir Twitter API.


This is the second of three articles sharing my experience learning Apache Spark.

In this Tutorial I will help you successfully tap aTwitter feed using an API.

  1. Test a simple Apache Spark Streaming application from the Apache Spark Examples.
  2. Obtain Twitter credentials and access a stream of Tweets using the…

An old meta-tutorial with problems solved

I download Test blockchain, create and fund Ethereum Mist wallet account, transact test crypto with my Metamask Ethereum Wallet.

Difficulty: Low

This vintage draft dates from 390 days ago, per Etherscan, around July 2018. I wrote it and then alas set it aside.

Audience: This is a liesurely high level…

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